Security Surveys & Audits

Through a thorough survey or audit we will present a realistic and holistic analysis of your current security strengths and weaknesses, giving prioritised recommendations on realistic and best-practice mitigation measures. We provide advice on design, physical and procedural measures, personnel, technical systems and IT implications. We will review the handling of information, test IT defences and ensure that your communications systems are capable of withstanding the myriad threats and assaults to which they can be subjected on a daily basis.

Penetration Testing

Bringing to bear our unique experience in penetrating government, military and highly sensitive corporate facilities around the world, our multi-disciplinary network of consultants ensures that you receive a balanced, professional analysis with sound, practical recommendations. Our penetration tests are tightly controlled against client guidelines and balanced against both the client's tolerance to risk and the realistic threats it faces.

Electronic Sweeps (ESM)

Pilgrims Electronic Support & Countermeasure Service checks the security of your building and equipment against eavesdropping by hostile agencies or other groups who may benefit from covertly obtained 'inside information'. Our operatives use the latest scanning technology to carry out surveys and investigations. All Pilgrims' operatives have been trained to a very high standard by the UK government in the latest search and investigation techniques. All operatives hold UK government security clearance, providing you with the assurance that your information stays confidential.

Various sweep options have been created to fit most customer requirements, although the flexible nature of the service allows tailor-made packages to be produced if required.

  • Basic sweep - This involves an electronic sweep of the room along with a physical inspection.
  • Advanced sweep - This involves an electronic sweep of the room, a physical inspection, and a check of the telephones and mains power supplies to the room.
  • Full sweep - This involves an electronic sweep of the room, a physical inspection, and a check of telephones and mains power supplies to the room. Additionally, an electronic recording of the sweep is taken to provide a baseline 24-hour signature of the room that is used as a reference in future sweep activities.
  • Super sweep - This is a very intrusive sweep and involves an electronic sweep, a physical inspection, and a check of telephones and mains power supplies. Additionally, the room is stripped down, which involves taking apart computers, removing wall panels, lifting false floors, removing fixtures, etc. This is very time consuming and is not a sweep to be undertaken lightly.

Where a large conference room is to be used for a sensitive meeting that may run for a few days, a Conference Room Check and Monitor is offered. This service can include a Conference Delegate Check.

  • Conference Room Check & Monitoring - This includes a full sweep of the conference room and the provision of an operator monitor during the meeting. A basic check is carried out after the meeting for greater reassurance.
  • Conference Delegate Check - If required, a check of each delegate can be made on his or her entry to the conference. This includes a body sweep and other measures against electronic devices. This procedure will be discussed with the conference organiser and the most appropriate security measures agreed.

To complement the various sweep packages, the following reports are also available:

  • Basic Report - A single report is generated for the whole assignment stating which type of search was carried out and describing any problems that were identified.
  • Detailed Report - A report is generated for each room and will contain information such as the electrical equipment in the room, the number of power sockets, network ports, light fittings, etc. This report is designed to complement the Advanced Sweep.
  • Full Report - Only available with the Full Sweep, the Full Report includes a print-out of the recorded sweep as well as the information provided in the Detailed Report.

Scoping Studies

Within the risk assessment domain Pilgrims identified international demand from clients who are keen to use science in the detection of crime. Developments in the Forensic Sciences have seen an increased demand for scoping studies. These are sometimes referred to as forensic audits or assessments.

Pilgrims employ international forensic science experts and work with United Kingdom Government Agencies and leading academic institutions. All assessments are carried out very closely with client organisations in order to assess exactly their requirements. Together with the client, we develop a forensic science plan based on known crime statistics in order to prioritise laboratory capabilities, equipment needs, legal frameworks, staff training and budgetary requirements.

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