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Published: August 25, 2010

Pilgrims Group personnel have saved the life of a client who suffered a life threatening heart attack whilst away working in Baghdad, Iraq.

The client, a UK national working for an international oil field service company, had been exercising on a treadmill in his compound when he began to experience severe chest pains, and has given thanks for the immediate life saving actions taken by Pilgrims' staff.

Iraqi security guards on the scene immediately became aware of the situation and put out a distress call to onsite Pilgrims security consultants. One consultant explained: "The patient was obviously very ill. As we knew little about the casualty's specific condition we treated the situation as a worst case scenario and with utmost urgency. I immediately dispatched two security consultants along with myself and two Pilgrims paramedics to the compound to assist with the situation, unsure of what we'd find."

The casualty's condition was serious and the team responded immediately by administering medical care before transporting the patient to facilities at US Military hospital, Camp Victory. "The journey was the worst of my life but the guards did their best to make the trip as quick and comfortable as possible for me, a true mark of their professionalism," explained the client.

After arriving at medical facilities it became clear just how instrumental the Pilgrims team's intervention was in saving the contractors life; he had another minor heart attack shortly after the first, the severity of which indicated that he had a matter of minutes to live, according to doctors.

The Pilgrims security consultant affirmed: "I'm glad we were able to co-ordinate multi-service organisations in order to assist our client and utilise the expertise of our trained in-country paramedics." The client is now back in the UK and recovering well.