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Published: December 2, 2010

Pilgrims’ experts, in a recent issue of Risk UK magazine, have provided advice on guarding areas of particularly high value or high security where realistic threat exists.

As the Manned Guarding function comes under increased cost pressure and at a time when the UK licensing system is under threat, it is worth looking at some core principles of Manned Guarding deployment.

The article, by Pilgrims' Senior Operations Manager, Richard Lovell-Knight, addresses the role of the security officer in protecting secure areas in conjunction with other primary solutions that lie in technology, such as voice communications, CCTV, sprinkler systems, fire resistant containers and RMC controlled ACS overrides, as well as in well rehearsed personnel security procedures.

Richard highlights that Manned Guarding is just one part of a matrix of security measures. It is best used as the eyes, ears and voice of the overall security of the site. The more sensitive or valuable the environment being protected, the more this is true.

To view a pdf of the article in full, click below.

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