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Published: December 10, 2012

In an interview for security and risk news portal Info4Security, Editor Brian Sims talked with Pilgrims Group’s Managing Director, Bill Freear, about recent developments in the security marketplace.

The in depth interview examined how the market has changed during the past five years, the key security challenges faced by businesses at present and how has the company’s overall solutions offering has evolved to meet demands.

The interview documents how Pilgrims' client base has expanded across the last five years to include customers in many sectors, among them the oil and gas industries, the service and telecommunications sectors, NGOs, the media and the pharmaceutical and financial worlds.

"The needs of end users in all of these sectors have changed as many customers now have to play with reduced budgets whilst, at the same time, they desire increased value for money and greater flexibility from their suppliers," explains Bill Freear.

"The Arab Spring has undoubtedly led to a much greater global need for security support but, as a result of the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan, everyone’s now looking for far leaner and smarter security solutions. That requires innovation based on expertise. You’d also have to say that increasing price pressures are leading to some unusual behaviour when it comes to winning work and that’s often to be found at the expense of the service delivery standards I just mentioned."
"On top of all this, there’s now an enhanced demand for corporate governance compliance emanating from the larger corporate organisations. That supports our consultancy work and will help avoid some of the high profile cases around non-compliance that have hit the headlines."

He continues: "In terms of security guarding, companies are looking for more and more value while, in the wider security sector, there has been an escalation in the requirement for instant information to support decisions that need to be made around risk....

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Brian Sims on Pilgrims...

“Out of 26 bidders, Pilgrims was awarded the 2012 Security Excellence Award for Training. Impressive stuff to say the very least, but training isn’t the only discipline at which Pilgrims Group excels. The company is also renowned for its security guarding operations, information and intelligence solutions and operational consultancy."

"Speaking of consultancy," he continues: "Pilgrims adopts an integrated approach to this particular discipline in the firm belief – and it’s a wholly correct one – that no single element of security can be totally divorced from another (whether you’re talking about human security, physical security, technical/IT security, guarding, business continuity management or disaster recovery). All are underwritten by intelligence and thorough analyses."