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Published: January 18, 2013

Successful corporations require staff to travel throughout the UK and worldwide to conduct a variety of tasks, including generating business or reporting the news.

It is a fact of commerce we all accept and embrace to become competitive. Every city and country has its unique business challenges and customs and similarly each region has its own specific threats and risks. Extreme weather, terrorism, civil unrest and criminal activity are global issues that affect us all.

Pilgrims' Training Manager, Sam Mostyn, looks at the latest initiatives in security training in the current issue of City Security magazine. He highlights it is imperative for companies to ensure that their staff are prepared for these physical risks and have undergone a level of travel safety training to enable them to deal with a variety of emergencies. Better prepared personnel feel more valued by their employers and are less likely to be involved in, or affected negatively by, an emergency.

By Sam Mostyn, Training Manager, Pilgrims Group Ltd

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Pilgrims was awarded the 2012 Security Excellence Award for Training Initiatives