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Published: April 30, 2014

Security specialist Pilgrims Group Limited is now officially rated amongst the top 5% of all UK security companies, having passed two quality audits with further improved scores and zero improvement needs.

Pilgrims has again increased its previous impressive rating with the Security Industry Authority (SIA)’s Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) as well as passing the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)’s audit with outstanding marks.

The new SIA score lifts Pilgrims into the best 5% of all the UK’s 761 security companies. Last year, the company first won its place among the best 5% of medium sized UK security companies. Unique Pilgrims products, such as eGuarding™, where officers’ increased knowledge retention levels have registered significant results in their performances which, in turn, have passed on direct benefits to clients, contributed to the score.

The ISO tested the quality of the company’s services and standard operational procedures, including emergency procedures, general duties, technical and administration. The audit of Pilgrims teams revealed no non-conformances, either major or minor. Pilgrims evaluation tools to monitor officers’ compliance to procedures and their competency to execute emergency procedures have helped clients review business operations and provided the opportunity to develop systems of work that are fit for purpose whilst meeting clients’ needs.

The ACS audit measured Pilgrims service against 89 criteria, with a score of 0 considered a pass. Pilgrims score represented a significant pass in all areas with no improvement needs required.

“The audit is an effective measure which demonstrates to our clients not only how robust our quality processes are but also our ability to follow a rigid criteria which is set by the SIA who drive regulation within the industry,” says David Freear, Pilgrims Group Chief Operations Officer. “Membership of this scheme is extremely important to us as today this is a prerequisite that most companies who contract third parties to provide security services expect.“

“These audit results are a welcome reward for the hard work our teams put into improving services for customers in all market sectors.” Freear continues. “I congratulate all our staff for their efforts and look forward to building on this improvement throughout 2014.”