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Published: June 30, 2014

Peter Kaye, Director of Business Development at Pilgrims, speaks to Security Buyer magazine about the company and how the end of military operations in Afghanistan is going to affect the entire region.

The forthcoming political transition raises many questions regarding how protection will be provided to government, non-government and corporate programmes supporting
economic, social and security aims in Afghanistan.

During the past 11 years Pilgrims has always enabled its clients to achieve their many and various objectives in Afghanistan sustainably, despite the fluid, uncertain and changing security context; the current circumstances are another chapter in this.

In this interview, Security Buyer asks Pilgrims:
• How does current politics affect what you do?
• How will the Bi-Lateral Security Agreement affect the situation in Afghanistan?
• In your opinion, how stable will the region be after military occupation ends entirely?
• How will the security threat worldwide evolve over the next five to ten years?
• Will technology and security practices have to dramatically change to catch up?

To view these answers and a pdf of the feature, click below.