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Published: November 27, 2014

A new customer care initiative by Pilgrims Group Limited which delivers extra value to clients has been selected for the final of the 2014 Security Excellence Awards in London this November.

The scheme, which aims to benefit Pilgrims clients and attract continued repeat business, set out to develop its customers’ understanding of the cost effective, quality services provided by Pilgrims. As part of 360 Customer Care, Pilgrims reviewed the service it provided and looked at areas where it could improve. The company provided clients with evidence and information about its service which could be circulated within their business, promoting a more integrated discussion about security issues. In addition, Pilgrims staff became more aware of the impact their responsibilities have on their clients’ businesses. By improving guards’ responsiveness to client needs through improved communication and customer care, the scheme was able to further integrate the Pilgrims service within their operations.

Pilgrims used a range of benchmarks to assess the success of 360 Customer Care. These included the requirement for over 90% of clients to score the Pilgrims service at least three out of four in a Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire, the successful resolution of 90% of Corrective Actions raised by a client within ten working days and no more than two non-compliances identified per assignment audits. In the last year, Pilgrims has at least achieved - and in many cases exceeded - these benchmarks, leading to a 20% increase in the number of contracts being extended or renewed.

“Service level meetings are now much more engaging and beneficial to both sides,” says David Freear,” Chief Operating Officer of Pilgrims Group. “Thanks to 360 Customer Care, clients quickly recognise the efforts we are making and the benefits we’ve achieved. Our reports and information have helped clients understand the services Pilgrims provides and, more importantly, the security issues and risks that can affect their businesses.”

Statistics revealed by 360 Customer Care show that Pilgrims has monitored 63,688 visitors to clients’ premises, achieved a 100% success rate with pass and ID checks and run 21,390 patrols for clients.

Alongside the initiative, Pilgrims introduced an extensive training programme, including a major online package offering over 40 separate modules covering the core proficiencies and skills required by today’s guards. This improved guards’ basic skills, refreshed and enhanced their knowledge and assessed and tested its application in real life scenarios. By taking part in the training, guards built up their confidence and knowledge, increasing their value to the client.

“We are delighted to be nominated as a finalist for the Customer Care Initiative of the Year at this year’s Security Excellence Awards,” says Freear. “We believe this reflects the value and success of our scheme and sets the standard for the entire industry.”

“The main benefit of this initiative is that it focusses on the clients’ needs and concerns and it can be tailor-made to their business requirements,” he continues. “The regular review meetings enable us to adjust and make bespoke month by month, thus providing an extremely responsive and proactive service.”

Pilgrims is also nominated for the Security Training Initiative of the Year Award for the third year running. Winners will be announced at a ceremony at London’s Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, on Thursday, 27th November.