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Published: October 5, 2017

The Las Vegas shooting on 2nd October was a stark reminder of how threats are always present, even in what are apparently some of safest of environments.

Despite the attack unfolding in a place with considerable security services and high-quality emergency responders, civilians fell victim to an attacker who used tactics that are extremely difficult to mitigate against, even with the best planning and protection available.

Whilst there is little that can be done to fully prevent such events, some key steps can help you prepare to minimise the risk to yourself and loved ones in the event of such a tragedy:

1. Plan evacuation routes and locations where you will meet with friends, family, or colleagues if you become separated;

2. Programme "In Case of Emergency" (ICE) contacts into your mobile phone, to assist emergency responders should they need to contact someone;

3. Be first aid or Hostile Environment Awareness (HEAT) trained with the medical skills to help yourself or (if safe to do so) provide potentially life-saving treatment to others in need;

4. Follow the Run, Hide, Tell principles outlined by UK law enforcement;

5. Seek hard cover and minimise your profile as much as possible.

While events like these are rare, we must be prepared for anything, anytime. We can’t eliminate all risk, but we can learn how best to protect the public, our staff, customers and businesses.

For further information or training on how to prepare or respond in the event of an attack, contact Pilgrims at, or call us for an informal discussion (0)1483 228 760.