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Published: October 9, 2017

Pilgrims has responded to the heightened challenges presented by recent terror attacks and other incidents by developing a greatly enhanced First Aid at Work course, Emergency First Aid at Work Plus (EFAW+).

The new course, held at Pilgrims Academy in Redhill, Surrey, will use realistic scenarios staged in the academy’s urbanised training facility to equip staff with the latest teachings on key elements of trauma medicine and personal safety, neither of which are covered in standard first aid at work training.

“Following analysis of one recent attack, we gained a greater understanding of the kinds of injuries and situations that might be encountered and the challenges that might be faced,” says David Freear, chief operations officer of Pilgrims Group.

It was clear, he says, that first aiders in organisations of all kinds need an enhanced course to train them in the first aid and safety procedures required to deal with the extreme injuries and situations they might face in the worst of crises.

The course is aimed at every organisation and all sectors and will help demonstrate a strong commitment to public and staff safety at the highest levels. The cost of sending staff on the course is only slightly higher than for the standard course.

“The new circumstances, where a ‘low-tech’ terrorist attack is an ever-present threat, place a greater duty of care on all organisations whose first aiders may need to assist emergency staff in an incident,” says Freear. “Most existing courses are very much classroom-based and don’t deal with trauma medicine or personal safety, which is crucial today considering the types of attacks we have seen.”

The one day enhanced course is slightly longer than the existing Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) course run by Pilgrims and anyone wishing to apply can do so at or for more information contact