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Published: September 3, 2007

The Washington Post, LA Times, Chicago Tribune and Time Magazine have come to UK based Pilgrims Group, to secure and train their staff when working in areas of risk such as Baghdad.

The move cements Pilgrims Group's position as leading providers of security consultancy and training services, adding to existing media contracts with NBC, CBS and ABC News, Al Jazeera International, ITN, and high profile clients in the energy, telecoms and financial sectors.

"Our teams continually operate in the world's hot-spots working at the highest levels, enabling us to provide vital up to the minute intelligence, protection and training," said Pilgrims MD, Bill Freear.

"From the financial and telecoms sectors to those in the energy market, businesses in the UK to Iraq require security guards, risk assessment and crises management. Our clients, including those in the city require high end security procedures to enable employees to concentrate on core business, and to give confidence to corporate offices making tricky decisions about deploying people into difficult regions."

Pilgrims global coverage enables them to support organisations at very short notice, deploying team's world-wide within 24 hours. "That US corporations have come to a UK company shows recognition of the particular strengths and qualities we offer," continues Freear. "Our consultants' current expertise in the latest threats and operations enables us to transfer this experience to the corporate sectors, ensuring we are at the forefront of intelligence and operations world wide."