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Published: September 3, 2007

Manned guarding is no longer seen as a low value grudge purchase, it is part of the front-line fight against terrorism that has been brought to the UK. Pilgrims Group, which operates manned guarding teams in the UK and across the world's most dangerous environments have stressed a proactive approach to manned guarding is vital in protecting the integrity of your building as well as the safety of staff.

"Hiring a company that takes a pro-active approach in their security, combining experience, awareness and high levels of training is vital," said Pilgrims MD Bill Freear. "The corporate responsibility of ensuring the correct levels of security are in place cannot be ignored, and now more than ever manned guarding teams need to be aware of risks that may not have been on the cards a few years ago."

"There are new threats and risks in the UK and a security buyer needs to ensure they work with security officers who are managed and trained by their employers, and who are given relevant risk assessment intelligence and advice to enable them to be pro-active in their security," Freear continues.

"Manned guarding is not about providing a person, in a uniform, on a seat that the client then manages. Teams need to be trained to look at the threats and to protect the client against these threats. Security buyers should look at what they have in position: safety and security of your company and staff are their responsibility and should not be approached lightly."

Pilgrims Group operate Manned Guarding teams at premises across Iraq, Afghanistan and Nigeria as well as the UK, and have expertise in both manned guarding and operating within high risk terrorist threats. They have drawn heavily on their experience in working in hostile high risk areas and combined this with high UK operational standards to provide a proactive approach to manned guarding.