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Published: September 3, 2007

Actively working to raise industry standards Pilgrims Group are considered one of the world's leading security consultancies, and have recently completed a full SIA Audit receiving high praise from auditors. The company believes it impossible to licence a security consultant, as what is a security consultant and what skills should they have? Are you a terrorism consultant, a CCTV consultant, a consultant for a specific country?

"Security consultancies operate in a similar way to the more traditional management consultancies, which are not subject to any industry specific regulatory regime," says Pilgrims Managing Director, Bill Freear. "As with the procurement of management consultancy services, buyers of security consultancy services weigh up the ability of a provider to carry out a given assignment. They will use criteria such as financial standing, track record of delivering similar projects, the credentials of the consultants assigned and the personal credibility of the company's directors and senior managers.

"We don't support the licensing of individuals nor do we think it is viable," continues Freear. "We support a stringent accreditation system for companies ensuring they are fit and proper to provide and operate as security consultants. It is then imperative for buyers to ensure they check out the credentials of their supplier."