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Published: June 13, 2008

Security and Risk management experts Pilgrims Group Ltd has been awarded the contract to secure a large high-risk facility in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.

The well known facility has been the target of several terrorist attacks in recent years, including suicide bombs and rocket attacks, resulting in the requirement for stringent security measures.

Whilst there has been an acknowledgment that the number of incidents in Iraq has reduced over recent months the threat level remains extremely high.

Pilgrims Group has operated in Iraq since early 2003 and has a thorough understanding of the country’s current security state. The company which comprise former Special Forces operatives is providing full security management for the contract; sourcing and recruiting all security staff to guard access points, security to pedestrians and vehicles, mobile security teams and convoy support. Pilgrims is also providing training and equipment for all staff at the facility.

Pilgrims Group has employed and fully trained local Iraqi people for the contract providing many benefits to the client. “Recruiting and training local people is cost effective for the client and provides an investment in Iraq’s future rather than draining the country,” said Pilgrims’ Managing Director, Bill Freear. “The local people have a greater understanding of the culture and what is going on around them, they can sometimes see things that foreign experts can’t. Their information networks add to our up to the minute information services, providing a 360 degree service that benefits our clients across Iraq and worldwide.”

Pilgrims’ vast experience of training foreign police and military forces worldwide blended with its comprehensive training of security guards in the UK makes the company uniquely qualified to train local security personnel to the required standard and to manage the contract at the highest level.

The contract follows the recently implemented MOI laws requiring the registration of all local guards and their weapons. Pilgrims Group was reported to be one of the first UK security companies to ensure all of their client’s security guards adhered to this legislation.