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Published: August 11, 2008

Teams bring communications solutions to the Frontline.

Pilgrims Group Limited communications experts have been praised by the US Army for an “exceptional job” installing multiple Harris Communications systems in several Mine Resistant and Ambush Protected vehicles (MRAPs).

Three Pilgrims communications specialists were presented with Certificates of Excellence at a ceremony in Baghdad. The multi system MRAP installations were the first to be carried out by the Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) team in theatre.

The praise comes as the latest in a series of awards of recognition from the US Army for Pilgrims teams operating in Iraq under an overarching contract for Harris Communications.

Under another project, a forward deployed Communications Equipment Support Specialist serving in Iraq explained: “We own a large area of battle space where our primary tactical radio system is insufficient due to distance and terrain. We had been searching for a better alternative to use for communications support for patrols that go over 40km from our Forward Operating Base. In my efforts to achieve quality voice communications, I decided on the Harris RT-1694(D), High Frequency Radio set.

“The Pilgrims teams, under the direction of Steve Casson, were able to offer me tremendous assistance, were very knowledgeable in all facets of High Frequency radio transmission systems and capabilities and were able to walk me through fabrication of an antenna system that I’m currently employing on patrols across our battle space. With his teams’ technical advice and assistance I am now able to talk secure across my entire battle space. It’s a great relief to me to know that if I have a patrol out in sector and they need help, they have the ability to call for support elements.”

Other Pilgrims team members were recently praised for outstanding performance while providing over 80 hours of Harris radio training to the Warfighter.

A Harris RF Communications representative praised: “The Pilgrims teams continue to do a fantastic job, exceeding all expectations.”