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Published: March 16, 2009

Pilgrims Group Ltd’s Guarding and Operational Divisions have been praised in the recent issue of Risk UK as one of the country’s leading manned guarding companies.

The article in which Pilgrims was quoted as being “at the very top echelon” and “a credit to the industry,” featured in the February issue of Risk UK magazine. Terry O’Neil, a regular contributor to Risk UK magazine and notable industry expert, wrote the article in which he revealed his thoughts on who he considered to be the best guarding companies of 2008.

Terry O’Neil provided an insightful look at the modern manned guarding industry based on his experience as chairman at The Security Watchdog, an independent auditing company for the Security and Investigations industry. “We would argue at the Security Watchdog that our programme of on-site audit, in which we deal with both contractors and clients alike and operate all over the United Kingdom, puts us in a better position than almost anyone else to be able to pick out the best companies in the industry,” says Terry.

When describing what constitutes a company worthy of being “Best in Class,” Terry stated that they needed to be “well managed at every level and in particular the contract management team needs to have a portfolio of a size they can actually handle.”

Pilgrims’ close protection and personal security work in Iraq also received recent praise through THE SITREP - part of The Combat Operator, an ezine for operators and security contractors. The article was a discussion of the role that private security companies play themselves in forming the image that the outside world holds of the industry. The article gave Pilgrims as an example of how best practice in the industry can be achieved; once again demonstrating that Pilgrims’ no compromise approach to business is consistently setting the benchmark standards for the industry to follow.

“Pilgrims’ corporate ethos and their operating style stress quality-in/quality-out,” said Jake Allen, Editor of the Ezine. “Basically, firms like these do it right from start-to-finish.”

"It is good for the company and our employees to see these positive comments from neutral observers and auditors,” commented Pilgrims’ Managing Director, Bill Freear. “We regularly receive zero non compliance audits from ISO 9001 which demonstrates our commitment to quality from a procedural aspect, but when our reputation and commitment to quality is recognised in the work place it is a tribute to our staff and management team and a much deserved reward for what they do on a daily basis."

Once again, Pilgrims have demonstrated their ability to keep their head well above the water in what is becoming an ever more competitive market. By bringing the experience of operating safely in the world’s danger zones to its UK manned guarding operations and by applying the same management rigor to all areas of security, from Iraq close protection to UK site security, Pilgrims are pro-actively raising industry standards and continuing to offer an exciting alternative to the larger companies within security sector.