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Published: May 18, 2010

Due to the unrest in Thailand, there is an extra level of tension and civil disorder. Travellers to the country should be aware of this and equip themselves with the knowledge to avoid risk and stay safe.

Is it safe to travel to Thailand? What is the security situation in Thailand? How do you prepare yourself for this environment? Pilgrims’ business and tourist travel training courses show you exactly how, with top tips and practical advice from ex-Special Forces personnel who have the latest information on the situation in Bangkok and throughout the country.

Pilgrims advises course delegates on ways to recognise the warning signs - before an incident occurs, by assessing their environment and those around them.

We provide guidance on which areas to avoid and how to stay safe when travelling by taxi or foot, avoid conflict, protect your laptop, equipment and luggage and realistic advice on how to handle a robbery or kidnap attempt. Pilgrims’ training courses will equip you for country-specific or worldwide travel, providing invaluable real-life information that you can use time and time again for maximum safety, security and peace of mind.

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