Improved outcomes for kidnap, extortion, and threat response

Pilgrims supports its clients globally with a comprehensive suite of flexible crisis management response solutions tailored to your needs. We are a specialist provider, and for more than two decades, have been effectively assisting organisations operating in environments where these threats are significant.

Our clients have benefited from our expertise and track record in successfully resolving cases of kidnap for ransom, extortion threat, and illegal detention. Our capabilities include responding to cyber extortion and ransomware attacks.

Response & Recovery

Our 24/7 global security operations centre, based in the UK, offers an advanced global capability, deploying consultants at short notice anywhere in the world to respond to your needs. Our skilled team of operational managers and analysts will provide up-to-date information and co-ordinate every aspect of the deployment. Our consultants are all vetted and highly experienced in what they do. They will make available to you appropriate strategies and solutions, and will liaise with all necessary agencies on your behalf.

Incident Planning

Our experts will work with you to help ensure your organisation has the appropriate policies and procedures in place to help contain any incident. We can assist with improving your existing procedures or write new ones, to ensure you are fully prepared and able to deal confidently with the key challenges and threats your business may face.

Incident Response Management Training

Our workshops will help provide you the necessary understanding when responding to either kidnap or extortion situations. The sessions provide the required knowledge for dealing with the initial stages, gathering information, and communicating with relevant parties as well as how to deal with affected families and colleagues.

Kidnap Avoidance Training

Our training sessions are designed for those personnel who travel to or work in environments where extortion or kidnap is a substantial relevant threat. Courses are tailored to your requirements depending on threat and geographical location. They provide the necessary skills to improve situational awareness and the understanding needed to prevent these situations from occurring.

Threat Analysis & Intelligence

Our Risk and Information Services team provide intelligence, threat, and business risk focused reports in support of your operations. They can analyse the threat to your employees in terms of kidnap and extortion, helping you to plan better and mitigate the risks to your business operations.

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