Following submission of our scoping study report, we work in co-operation with several UK Government Agencies, Banks, Equipment Manufacturers, Foreign Governments and Agencies to oversee the introduction of the study recommendations.

Pilgrims work in partnership with the client until such time as they are fully operational. Continued contact is maintained throughout the life of the project and beyond in order to ensure that developments in technology, science and knowledge are maintained and that clients are fully briefed about these.

The scoping study is the first stage in the development of a forensic science modernisation or upgrade programme. The study identifies current capability against client expectations and considers legal frameworks, laboratory design, laboratory procedures and practice, scenes of crime procedures and evidence gathering, equipment needs, scientific training and budgetary requirements.

Experience shows that this is best carried out in a phased way, based upon client prioritisation. Pilgrims Group Ltd are then able to implement the recommendations, assist in the development of the legal framework and procedures and practice if required and to source and install, test and calibrate all equipment. Scientific training is undertaken both in country and in the United Kingdom where required.

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