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Deep knowledge and extensive preparation is essential to help recognise and avoid risks before you're exposed to them.

Pilgrims help prepare crews from the world's leading media companies for high exposure assignments.

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Our consultants will work with you to develop realistic solutions to all your security needs.

RSS is a popular means of sharing regularly updated web content without the need for visitors to constantly come back to a web site, or to be sent emails which are frequently lost in spam filters, to see what's new. RSS feeds contain a brief introduction to the articles and a link to a web page containing the full body of the article. Feeds are updated automatically.

To use RSS feeds you will need either a feed reader application (such as FeedReader for PC or NewsFire for Mac), a web browser that supports news feeds (such as Mozilla Firefox on the PC or Mac, or Safari on the Mac), or web-based news aggregator (such as Google Reader or Bloglines).

Pilgrims provide a feed for latest news and currently available jobs. Copy and paste the feed addresses below into your feed reader:

RSS icon News: http://www.pilgrimsgroup.com/rss.xml

RSS icon Jobs: http://www.pilgrimsgroup.com/jobs.xml